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Backbase is looking for talented and creative people to join our team. We’re a growing company in an innovative field, doing things no one else has done before. If you’re the kind of person who thinks ‘challenging’ means ‘fun’ and is bored when everything’s going according to plan, then we want to hear from you!

Recruitment agency? We handle all recruitment internally and only review CVs submitted by the candidates themselves.

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We are a multicultural company, with hard-working people from all over the world. We strive to help one another do our best work, powered by our ideas and creativity. We also believe in the power of a fresh mind and a healthy, rested body, which is why we keep flexible hours, as we think the only one who knows when you’re at your best is you. Take a look at all the fun we have together!

Our people

Robin Bultot

Global Head of Sales Engineering, Amsterdam

Starting as a Technical Project Manager gave me the possibility to do a variety of things, which ended up in being a Presales Engineer. After having done the Presales Engineering for a year, our CEO asked me to form a team of Presales Consultants and Engineers. Today, I manage a global team of sales engineers and consultants who are very successful in doing pre-sales activities. Backbase allows me to manage my team the way I want, and get the best out of all of them. I go to the gym with colleagues, I hang out with them and drink beers with them!

Niels Mouthaan

Product Owner, Amsterdam

Since Backbase is a company closely related to the financial industry, and because I thought banking was boring, I was afraid my job was going to be less than exciting. The opposite was true! Backbase provides opportunities to people who are open for it. If you have a good idea, there’s nobody stopping you. Even better, there are a lot of people willing to help you achieve it. Within Backbase, there’s a culture of getting things done, and it’s nice to see how something complex can be done relatively easily when people take responsibility and do their thing.

Linda Bovaird

VP Professional Services, Amsterdam

What I like about Backbase is that it has great visionary leadership, has amazing, talented people and is always exploring how to improve our product and our way of working. Backbase looks for rare talent that combines excellent in-depth technical and social skills. People that can contribute to bringing Backbase to the next level are versatile, committed, and will show ownership.

Connor Garrison

Principal Frontend Consultant, Atlanta

The experience of working in a satellite office can vary from company to company. From the beginning, it was clear that Backbase wanted to instill the same company culture in Atlanta that exists in Amsterdam. They go to great lengths to make sure we feel part of a global team – a team filled with great people who are open-minded, intelligent, and passionate. You’ll be surrounded by some of the smartest and most passionate co-workers you’ve ever met, and it will motivate you to leave your comfort zone.

Stacey Cabrera

Senior Business Analyst, London

Up for a challenge? Want to work with a fantastic product that genuinely delivers on improving customers’ experience? Not afraid of being frank and dealing with open, practical-minded people who sometimes need to be creative and entrepreneurial to find solutions to problems? Do you like beer, or running, or playing a musical instrument? Try Backbase! It’s great to find people who are smart, passionate, interesting and fun at Backbase. I feel ‘at home’ because I feel comfortable, and it’s not a stuffy, corporate environment.

Claire Boyle

Technical Writer, Amsterdam

I relocated to Amsterdam from Scotland to join Backbase, so I was nervous about the scale of change that I’d signed up for. I also moved here alone, so my biggest concern was making myself at home and fitting in. Everything went really well! Everyone in the company was incredibly welcoming and helpful, in the office and out, and I quickly started to feel at ease. Backbase has a great social scene, which helped me get to know people and settle in to the city. Everyone works hard, and knows how to have fun!