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Millions of people around the world rely on the products we create at Backbase for their daily banking activities. Leading financial institutions and global banks rely on our expert support.

As a Back-end Support Developer, it is your core responsibility to respond to reported issues as vigorously as possible. Not only do you provide solutions for complex issues, you also maintain great customer relationships.

When it comes to solving problems, you will bear the responsibility of maintaining our flawless reputation and company rating. You will proactively identify and prevent potential financial risks, and reassure our customers as to our continued reliability.

What will you be doing?

You will be part of the product issues investigation team of the company, engaging with top architects from globally recognised companies in the financial industry. Every single day starts with a team meeting, during which current issues are discussed. Priorities can change hourly, and reported issues are often unique.

While working on a fix, you keep the customer updated of your progress. Managing expectations is as important as solving the problem.

With your affinity with software development, you are used to thinking out of the box, to get to the heart of what happened, to collect all relevant data, to replicate the issue and fix it, backed by the knowledge of your colleagues and our consultants. With perseverance, you will deduce and analyse until you get to the origin of the issue.

Who are you?

  • You mastered in IT.
  • Your head brims over with knowledge of web technologies and application servers.
  • If we ask you to refer to your troubleshooting experience, you instantly dig up some astonishing examples.
  • You have a can-do mentality.
  • As you will find yourself in a client-facing role, you must be enthusiastic about caring for our customers. If your interaction skills aren't already perfectly developed, you will work on enhancing them.
  • You have patience, a creative mind, and empathy.
  • You know how to look at a problem from the customer's perspective, reassuring them that you and they are on the same page.

Why Backbase?

Whether or not you’ve heard of us, you and your friends have probably used some of the products we’ve created. Backbase accelerates the transformation of digital banking. From being a Dutch startup company five years ago, we are now an international market leader. Despite having a leading market position, we haven’t lost our startup mentality and we’re not done innovating just yet. Working in teams with highly talented and skilled professionals from all over the world, we share a drive to make things better, nicer, and more advanced. More than 400 specialists dedicate themselves to what we do best, which is transforming global financial services with inspiring, innovative solutions. At Backbase, we love to create outstanding experiences, not just for our customers and users, but for ourselves, and this is what motivates us to transform our industry by delivering our best work.


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Zeynep Tunalioglu

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Zeynep Tunalioglu

Talent Scout