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The opportunity 

Backbase Academy is the one-stop shop for all training, certification and onboarding of new professionals on the Backbase products. To nurture and expand our community at, we’re looking for a community manager to join the Community Management team.

You will be the spokesperson for Backbase in our developer community, making sure all conversations are followed up, questions are channelled to the right person, and frequently asked questions result in additions to our knowledge base of how-to articles, FAQ entries, or e-learning modules.

You have a strong affinity with the developer community and proven experience in writing about programming subjects. You understand our target audience and can communicate with them on a technical level. You will work closely together with our Technical Writer, who will be responsible for all truly technical documentation, and your focus will lie more on building the community, making sure that people know where to find the right information, and how to find each other within the community. In short, your task is to take to the next level and build a truly interactive, lively and supportive community of Backbase professionals around the globe!

Together with the Technical Writer, you will make sure all our partners and clients feel at home on, and find the information they need, written in a style that fits the audience and is always up to date. Your audience will range from very experienced Backbase professionals to junior developers just starting at Backbase. In combination with the complexity and nature of the product, built using the latest technologies, this makes working at Backbase Academy a great and challenging experience.

Your profile

The successful Community Manager will answer questions, help developers find their way in the Backbase ecosystem, evaluate questions asked to determine required updates and/or extensions of the documentation and how-tos, maintain an FAQ list, and de-escalate any negative communication on and internet communities in general. You must be able to demonstrate a flair for working with developers and architects to create accurate content. You will work alongside the Technical Writer and will report to the VP Academy.

The perfect candidate for this position will match the following profile:

  • Experience working as a Community Manager, with proven writing skills.

  • Experience in writing for software development companies.

  • Proven affinity with software development and web technologies.

  • Understanding and being able to write about programming.

  • Excellent social skills, especially in writing.

  • Excellent didactic and conceptual thinking skills.

  • Very good English writing skills.

Proven affinity with software development is an absolute requirement for this position.

Next steps

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For more information please contact Ralitsa Antimova by email: ralitsa(at)

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