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We are innovators in fintech. Backbase impacts the banking experience of millions of users every single day. Whether or not you’ve heard of us, you and your friends have probably used some of the products we’ve created.

As Product Manager, you’re responsible for one of the key modules in our omni-channel digital banking platform. It’s your job to manage your set of features through the complete product life cycle: from defining new requirements, to creating the first prototype, to launching the new features with real customers in production, and taking care of product support and maintenance.

You are a customer-obsessed, and bring a mix of technical, business and UX know-how to your teams. By believing in a lean startup approach to product development, you stay focused on a constant cycle of feedback, and aim to bring the most value to our customers with minimal effort. You strive to help your team members in doing their best work, and are empowered by new ideas and creativity.

What will you be doing?

As Product Manager, you are working in one of the tribes within our Products department. A Backbase Tribe contains 2-4 squads (scrum teams), each consisting of 12 people max. You’ll be responsible for those features created by around 20-30 people, and will work with a Development Manager who’s in charge of timely delivery and quality, while you manage what we create, for whom, why and in which priority. Simultaneously, you have to make sure that products and features your tribe creates are presented in the most beneficial way: from product demos, to presentations and marketing collateral, you’re in charge.

Still here? Good! We’re glad you know what it means to solve complex, functional and analytical problems, and that you have our customer top of mind. We’re also glad you get things done while keeping team members highly productive. You will spend time with our customers to understand their challenges, gathering insights into how to solve problems and deliver new features. You translate customer opportunities and pain points into detailed product requirements.

Who are you?

  • You are a digital native that knows loads about tech, business and UX.
  • You know where to start and where to finish the process, and where to set your priorities and milestones in between. Keeping the overall picture isn’t a problem for you.
  • You take this role very seriously. You’re precise and keep a strict eye on data, deadlines, trends and forecasts.
  • You have experience in creating enterprise software, ideally in the banking, WCM or MADP space.
  • You’re comfortable leading the pack and guiding them to the light. Issues don’t block you – you either fix them or find a workaround.
  • You know when it’s time to unleash and grab a beer with your colleagues.
  • Needless to say, you are a social person with great communication skills and the talent to motivate people in the right direction.

Why Backbase?

Whether or not you’ve heard of us, you and your friends have probably used some of the products we’ve created. Backbase accelerates the transformation of digital banking. From being a Dutch startup company five years ago, we are now an international market leader. Despite having a leading market position, we haven’t lost our startup mentality and we’re not done innovating just yet. Working in teams with highly talented and skilled professionals from all over the world, we share a drive to make things better, nicer, and more advanced. More than 400 specialists dedicate themselves to what we do best, which is transforming global financial services with inspiring, innovative solutions. At Backbase, we love to create outstanding experiences, not just for our customers and users, but for ourselves, and this is what motivates us to transform our industry by delivering our best work.


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